WELCOME TO THE HOME OF BEESDAM Beesdam Upholstery is all about custom-made durable seat covers. We understand that your style and preferences will differ from the next guy, therefore you are allowed to pick and choose what you want and how you want it, without any compromise on quality. We have 5 different collections, each with its own primary material, with its own advantages and style to fit your preference. We assure you the best quality in all our collections. We make use of only the best materials to guarantee that you’ll get value for your money. Our wide variety of materials speaks to every individual and every detail they require. We will also gladly help you with your choice, in explaining every advantage and style choice. Every collection can be used on any vehicle, although each collection specialises in a specific type of vehicle and user. From the loyal Hilux user in need of a durable rough and tough seat cover, to the SUV driver who needs strong seat covers that can handle every day wear and tear and even to the farmer wanting to give his John Deere a strong and beautiful interior. Our seat covers will not only be comfortable and stylish in your vehicles, but also protect your original seats, so you don’t have to worry about quality control when trading in.
Our seat covers are most loved by the South African Bakkie driver. They are our most loyal customers and also the muse to the brand. The Beesdam Seat Cover has a unique and stylistic look. Although its also very strong and durable, it gives your vehicle a beautiful interior. Companies also love our seat covers to use for their fleet vehicle. It gives the vehicles an awesome branded look, but also protects the interior of a car that is regularly used. Although our seat covers are known to be used in regular vehicles, we also provide John Deere seat covers to the farmers, to protect their tractors, TLB's and other vehicles' interior and give it some comfort.
ALL ABOUT BEESDAM The name ‘Beesdam’, has a deep meaning to the owner due to its origin from the owner’s Grandfather’s farm in the Karoo with the same name. Beesdam therefore symbolizes the strong and enduring qualities that farms and farmers frequently have. With a Beesdam stamp on the seat cover, you can be sure that it is strong, enduring and beautiful. We take pride in our business and brand, therefore only the best quality materials and products are used for our seat covers. We have talented and trained craftsmen to make sure that each seat cover is produced with the utmost care and precision. Our workshop is situated in Potchefstroom, but we courier our products nation wide.
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